EasyMail 4

Found in our WebsiteOS Control Panel

Email Software Settings 2

Settings for common Email software such as Outlook and Apple Mail

Mobile Devices 1

Settings for common mobile devices such as phones and tablets

Secure Mail 1

Settings for using secure mail such as SSL

Webmail 4

Browser Based Email


 Definition: SPF

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) disputes false addresses and allows easy identification of spoofs.

 How to Read Email Headers & Check for Time Delays

Email Header 1. X-Spam-Flag: NO2. X-Authenticated-User: mail.domain.com3. X-Envelope-From:...

 My ISP is blocking outgoing SMTP Port 25, what do I do?

Control Panel: WebsiteOS   Many ISP's block the outgoing mail port default 25. This is called...

 PTR Records

Control Panel: WebsiteOS   PTR record a.k.a. Reverse record.i.e. =

 Troubleshooting Formmail

Control Panel: WebsiteOS   Troubleshooting Formmail1) Site Builders > Plug-in scripts >...